Effective 2/1/16, all contractor and subcontractor specifications, quality forms, documents, and supplier communications will be housed in the Tower International Supplier Portal, Pool4Tool. (North America uses Pool4Tool, not yet used in Europe.)

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Suppliers that are providing productive material to Tower International locations are required to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a standard means of receiving our forecasting and shipping requirements, as well as providing Tower International with advanced shipping information. Suppliers are also required to properly label all material shipped into our facilities using our standard bar code label format.

Supplier EDI Guides

Production Release transaction set (X12 830) Version 4010
Advanced Ship Notice transaction set (X12 856) Version 4010
Delivery Schedule Message (EDIFACT DELFOR)
Despatch Advice Message (EDIFACT DESADV)

PO General Terms & Conditions

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

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Specifications for Bar Code Labels – Component Suppliers
Specifications for Bar Code Labels – Steel Suppliers

Contact Tower International HERE for any questions regarding EDI or bar code labeling.

Supplier Customs Requirements

Supplier Customs Requirements