TestingPhysical testing is a key step in the product development process. The tests evaluate both design and manufacturing influences on a product's stiffness, strength, fatigue and modal properties.

Tower's approach:

  • Our engineering team works closely with our customers to develop component and system-level tests that accurately reproduce the results from customer proving ground events.
  • We conduct tests in-house to provide rapid feedback to our design team and customers.
  • Physical testing results are correlated with our CAE model to increase the accuracy of future design iterations.

Tower's capabilities:

  • Single- and multi-channel durability testing using block cycle, real-time and real-phase inputs
  • Material testing (mechanical and chemical)
  • Vehicle instrumentation, data acquisition, and drive-file development
  • Static stiffness, yield and ultimate strength testing
  • Vibration testing, including modal, point mobility and random